The First in a Long Time…

I know I haven't posted for a while, but felt like updating my few readers out there. I've been offered an unconditional place on an architecture course, so fingers crossed and things should go relatively smoothly. Still some stresses around but I'm generally feeling better. If I find the time I'll do a proper update … Continue reading The First in a Long Time…


A Thought of Mine on the World of Jobs

I thought I'd share a thought with you guys. Its an idea that struck me just now, seconds before writing this (I was in fact just playing some games before this moment of clarity). It's not very personal this one, simply on the world of more highly skilled jobs. "Architecture begins where engineering ends" ~Walter … Continue reading A Thought of Mine on the World of Jobs

A Simple Message to Everyone Out There…

Today my post is a little different, its not psychology, nor is it about my life or autism. Its a simple, short post on global warming, perhaps one of the most polarising topics today. I, nor can any scientists, prove that global warming is definitely affected by human activities, even if there is a vast … Continue reading A Simple Message to Everyone Out There…

I Am an Actor, My Play is Life, My Pay is Survival.

"I am an actor, my play is life, my pay is survival." - It's something I said on another website earlier today in response to something a person said to me. It summarises how I go through life currently though. Over the years of living I've built an impenetrable fortress which I live in alone, … Continue reading I Am an Actor, My Play is Life, My Pay is Survival.

A Little Bit of Psychology: The Three Circles of Life

Don't worry, I'll explain that very basic and primitive Venn diagram that sums up a bit of psychology I came up with, and better yet, it isn't too complex either! "Every action has a reaction", it's a pretty well known phrase, and it's the basis of this Venn diagram in a way. Every action can … Continue reading A Little Bit of Psychology: The Three Circles of Life

Persistence: Monday Motivational

I hate to admit it, but I should be more persistent in a lot of things too. As much as you may doubt it though, I have a friend, who isn't particularly bright at all, but they got rather good grades, simply because they endlessly revised and practised. He's a pretty nice guy too.

Exams Almost Over!

Just wanted to let you guys know that my exams are almost over so I should be able to begin posting properly again. Wednesday and Thursday I have my final two AS exams. I'm pretty confident I've done terribly in the exams overall, but I have to hope otherwise. I've managed to only get minimal … Continue reading Exams Almost Over!

Links and Cookies!

I just setup a new page to my blog where loads of links are. It's right over here! I'd be really grateful if you guys would check it out, it has only a few links right now but will undoubtedly grow, also please join my discord server! It's made specifically for readers of this blog … Continue reading Links and Cookies!

Monday Motivationals

Going to every Monday put a motivational / beneficial message which I think isn't actually trash. This one, I liked it a lot. I feel it applies to insults too, just saying "go **** yourself" doesn't get far, but a really clever / humorous original less heavy insult seems to work better at communicating dissatisfaction with … Continue reading Monday Motivationals

Human Rights

Surprise! A sudden unexpected unplanned post has arrived. Anyway I was reading through the human rights recently, (I've never actually bothered reading through them before), they are truly a great part of the modern world, it is a shame they aren't respected more. Anyway I came up with a slightly differently structured set of rights … Continue reading Human Rights