Exams, Coursework, and Work Experience

Product design coursework. That’s either running out of time or overdue for the internal deadline. I have no idea now. Next week I have pretty solidly exams, which due to recent events as you guys surely know about, has led to me not getting much revision at all done. (Genuinely, the revision that I have managed to do so far is negligible). I’ll have to cram essentially non-stop revising into the weekend, and take no breaks at all.

Then in two weeks time, god how much I’d like a rest, but no, I don’t get that. Instead, I get rewarded with damned work experience. I’ve managed to get into an architects practice with my work experience, which is good as I do want to be an architect, however I’m going to probably be consistently on the verge of meltdowns and/or shutdowns, and it’s going to be a completely alien environment to me. A workplace, a place I’ve never been to before, in an area of the city which I’ve never been to before, around people I’ve never met (in person) before. If it wasn’t an architects practice, I think just the thought of it would destroy me. Aside from what is coming up, not too much has happened this week. EPQ which I was dreading was pretty good. Maths, eh, it didn’t really happen this week so I don’t know where I am with it. Physics was actually good this week. We didn’t have to do any ridiculous estimations so that was nice.

I guess I can always look on the bright side, I’ll never have another English lesson in my life.


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