A Refreshing new look!

Out with the blue and in with the…creams? I followed through on giving you a post today! 😀 Anyway, some of you may notice a few days ago the website got a favicon, a nice little apple, to match with the internet photo of some apples in the header. Well, good news! I pulled out paint.NET to draw up some slightly more simplistic apples to fit better with the overall site theme, I’ve also toyed with a few bits on the site, adding some more stuff to the sidebar (there is now a button to follow via email and another button showing some of the most recent comments so you can join the discussion).

Along with the discrete changes, the background of the colour a few days back changed from the nice pale blue it was, to a slightly yellowish colour, and now to a far more subdued creamy white colour. I do like blue quite a bit myself, hence why I’d originally put it on, but the other major user of blue in this area is the charity known as “Autism Speaks”. For those of you not familiar with it, it’s an autism charity, that’s all fine in and of itself, and to some of you, this action might seem a bit unusual. The reason though, as some people will have spotted, is down to what Autism Speaks actually campaigns for, they convince people into paying to try to develop a “cure” for autism, and spread around numerous rumours and stereotypes about autistic people (some of which can be quite bad). Overall they share a spot with the anti-vaxxers (the people who say you shouldn’t take vaccines as the cause autism.)

On the note of anti-vaxxers, if your tempted to not get a vaccine, your making a terrible decision. Medicine, especially in these days, undergoes thorough testing. There is absolutely no evidence at all showing the vaccines cause autism, it’s a myth that was created by a less reputable scientist to try and make profit (and many millions of profit at that). Vaccines do not cause autism. All your doing when you deny yourself or your child a vaccine is increasing the risk that you will die from disease or health complications, and actually (due to how disease spreads) putting the people around you at risk too. There are the very, very rare cases that vaccines have a severely bad reaction with people, but these cases are fewer than the people who have died due to not having a vaccine. Plus, another point, am I really that bad of a person that you would risk yourself or your child’s life to not be like me? If I weren’t so worried about the damage to your health your causing then I’d undoubtedly be incredibly offended.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight, I need to get some sleep, I’ve got lots of revision and coursework to do over the weekend. Wish you all a good night.


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