Tendonitis – God Give me Strength…

At some point later on yesterday I got a pain in my arms, I woke up and it’s still there. With help of the NHS site and other sites I’ve come to the conclusion it’s probably tendonitis, which it’d appear I’m apparently more at risk of experiencing as I have hypermobility. It’s in my arms, a (relatively speaking) small bit of pain on the inside of my elbow joint (bicep tendon and a tiny bit at the anterior band), elevated pain when I press on it, and a variety of movements and positions cause pain at my shoulder joint (the Rotator cuff area). Below is a screenshot from part of the NHS webpage on it.


There is only one comparable feeling to this, and that is getting vaccines. It truly is horrible. I feel like today will mostly just result in me laying about and occasionally groaning. Thankfully I can type fine as my hands are totally unaffected presently. At least I’ll be able to get dull coursework done I guess – Every cloud has a silver lining more clouds nearby, find an umbrella rapidly?


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