Human Rights

Surprise! A sudden unexpected unplanned post has arrived. Anyway I was reading through the human rights recently, (I’ve never actually bothered reading through them before), they are truly a great part of the modern world, it is a shame they aren’t respected more. Anyway I came up with a slightly differently structured set of rights (because, why not?), I’ll post it here and I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

[1] The Right to an Identity

[1.1] Free Thought – We all have the inalienable right to our own free thought, and nobody has the right to change our opinions by force.

[1.2] Free Belief – All people are allowed to choose to believe in what they wish, and as is with 1.1, nobody is justified to change that belief by force.

[1.3] A Name – Everyone has the right to choose their own name which they wish to be used to represent them.

[1.4] Self-Representative of Identity – Every human being has to right to choose to represent their own opinions, and beliefs, and has the right to choose to share them.

[1.5] A Nationality – All people have the right to belong to a country.

[1.6] Right to Emotions and Interests – All people have the universal right to have their own emotions, interests and preferences, on any subjects.

[2] The Right of Possession

[2.1] Ownership of ones body – All individuals have the right to assert ownership of their own body, and as such, nobody can force ownership of another humans body and no contract can force such ownership either.

[2.2] Right to Ones Life – All people own their life, and are free to choose the fate of it.

[2.3] Right to Ownership – We all have the right to own things (with the exception of other people) alone, or in association with other people. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of their own property.

[2.4] Copyright – We all have the right to ownership of our own literary and artistic creations.

[3] The Right of Law

[3.1] Right to Stand as a Person – Everyone has the right to be seen as a person in the eyes of the law.

[3.2] Protection by the Same Law – The law is the same for everyone, and all people have the right to be tried fairly by the law.

[3.3] Innocence until Proven Guilty – In the eyes of the law, we are all innocent until proven otherwise, and as such should be treated accordingly.

[3.4] Right to Fair Trial – All people have the right to an unbiased, public and swift trial.

[3.5] Protection from Torture and Unlawful Imprisonment – We all have the right to not be tortured, and to not be imprisoned unlawfully.

[4] The Right to Good Health

[4.1] Access to Clean Water – Clean water is for use by anybody freely for sanitation and hydration.

[4.2] Access to Food – Everyone is free to access enough food to survive and prevent malnutrition

[4.3] Access to Healthcare – We all have the right to access the necessary medical care to facilitate our survival and continued good health without the expectation that we need to fulfil any additional obligations as a result.

[5] The Right to Social Security

[5.1] A Bed and a Shelter – We all have the right to sleep in a bit and be sheltered from the elements.

[5.2] Education – All people have the right to access education and to be educated.

[5.3] Work – All people have the right to work, and people cannot be fired from work or lose pay due to to acquisition of any morbid condition.

[5.4] Equal Pay for Equal Work – All people within an institution have the right to payment of equal value for equal work.

[5.5] The Right to Asylum – All people are free to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution (due to political crimes), within other countries .

[6] The Right of Democracy

[5.1] The Right to Vote – We all have the right to vote for the people who represent our country and region.

[5.2] To Stand for Leadership – We all have the right to stand for leadership within government

[5.3] To Join a Union – We all have the right to join and leave a trade or student union relevant to our current occupation.

These rights would then apply to anyone, regardless of race, age, appearance, gender, religion and sexual orientation. These then focus more on enabling people to stay healthy, and to be themselves.


2 thoughts on “Human Rights

    • Yeah, I’d be intrigued actually to see which ones do / don’t follow these rights. I feel like the UK and US would probably drop down in rankings of who follows rights best if using these ones.


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