A Little Bit of Psychology: The Three Circles of Life

Don't worry, I'll explain that very basic and primitive Venn diagram that sums up a bit of psychology I came up with, and better yet, it isn't too complex either! "Every action has a reaction", it's a pretty well known phrase, and it's the basis of this Venn diagram in a way. Every action can … Continue reading A Little Bit of Psychology: The Three Circles of Life


Persistence: Monday Motivational

I hate to admit it, but I should be more persistent in a lot of things too. As much as you may doubt it though, I have a friend, who isn't particularly bright at all, but they got rather good grades, simply because they endlessly revised and practised. He's a pretty nice guy too.

Exams Almost Over!

Just wanted to let you guys know that my exams are almost over so I should be able to begin posting properly again. Wednesday and Thursday I have my final two AS exams. I'm pretty confident I've done terribly in the exams overall, but I have to hope otherwise. I've managed to only get minimal … Continue reading Exams Almost Over!