Exams Almost Over!

Just wanted to let you guys know that my exams are almost over so I should be able to begin posting properly again. Wednesday and Thursday I have my final two AS exams. I’m pretty confident I’ve done terribly in the exams overall, but I have to hope otherwise. I’ve managed to only get minimal revision done for each of the exams, and even doing that has taken its toll. Perhaps my ability to just recall facts has saved me, perhaps not. We shall see.

I do generally hate how exams work currently though, they’re structured in such a stupid way, a huge flood of them at the end of a course, and so much fact recollection. Really, especially with the ability to in the real world use the internet to find a fact, exams should be more modular and based on testing fluid thinking (i.e. the ability to work something out, not just recall a fact). It’s why I quite love geography (with the exception of one unit in it) as it is essentially all fluid thinking. It gets you to do some Unit 2 Statistics (really fancy maths) but gives you the entire formula, all the data you could ever imagine. It gives you many marks for joining together factors and events and making links between case studies. It’s the way all exams should be heading to, not away from.


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