A Simple Message to Everyone Out There…

Today my post is a little different, its not psychology, nor is it about my life or autism. Its a simple, short post on global warming, perhaps one of the most polarising topics today.

I, nor can any scientists, prove that global warming is definitely affected by human activities, even if there is a vast volume of evidence suggesting we are having a significant effect (which lies primarily in speed of change of temperature rather than temperature itself), however I don’t think that is really the relevant point in this topic. Even if it is a natural cycle of the earth, I believe we have a responsibility to regulate it. Mass extinctions are a natural cycle and event, such as The Great Dying where most species on earth (~95%) at that time became extinct. If we let such an event occur again, we’ve only got a 1 in 20 chance of surviving as a species at all, and would probably have huge numbers of people die anyway. I also study geography, I to an extent understand the complexity of nature and the systems behind the earth, and regardless of if humans or nature is the cause, we will suffer greatly if global warming is allowed to continue at its current rate, droughts and floods along with other changes which will form feedback loops will cause huge swaths of land to be unsuitable for farming, resulting in mass famine. Many settlements will have to move, as coastal flooding will be regular, along with river flooding, and traditionally cities have always settled on rivers and coasts, the most vulnerable locations now. Forest fires will occur far more frequently, feeding more CO2 into the atmosphere and reducing the numbers of trees, destroying homes, destroying crops, killing people and wildlife.

It may sound like I’m exaggerating the situation to just scare you, I can promise though, wholeheartedly, it is a completely possible scenario. If the predicted positive feedback loops occur, then it could be even worse, there is a certain threshold to temperature increase, and we haven’t reached that yet, but temperatures are increasing faster than ever before. Once we reach that threshold, it is realistically speaking impossible to reverse it, we would have to expend all the resources of our entire species and dedicate reversing climate change as the only goal for a long period of time, otherwise, even if we ceased to use fossil fuels and do other polluting activities, a runaway effect will occur, and it won’t just be an extinction event we will be facing, it will be the extinction, the last one. No life will survive on earth, except perhaps tardigrades in hibernation (which can survive in the vacuum of space) or a few other niche extremophiles. Earth will become barren with a thick atmosphere choking the planet, much like Venus.

The decisions you make today, will have lasting impact on not just your life, but the lives of generations to come. It is your responsibility, as a decent human being, to protect the future of those who will come after you in whatever way you can.


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