A Thought of Mine on the World of Jobs

I thought I’d share a thought with you guys. Its an idea that struck me just now, seconds before writing this (I was in fact just playing some games before this moment of clarity). It’s not very personal this one, simply on the world of more highly skilled jobs.

“Architecture begins where engineering ends” ~Walter Gropius

It’s a quite famous phrase from the architect and head of the Bauhaus design movement. It’s quite nice and poetic, but like many things with Gropius, I feel he missed the mark a slight bit. I believe, a large amount of the skilled jobs, which aren’t sport or physical labour based, can be in fact put into three categories.

  • The first, ‘Science’, it’s purpose to further our understanding, and let us know more.
  • The second, ‘Engineering’ is similar to the first, but rather than to further our understanding, it uses our understanding to further what we can do. It gives science a meaning.
  • The third, ‘Art’, it’s very unlike the other two, it sits there being an abstract and unusual concept, but central to our existence as humans.

Architecture, and designers in general, they sit in a little niche, a small corner of work where all three of those categories overlap. Great designers, they perform a kind of art, but one which must serve a pivotal and very meaningful purpose, and that leads them to discover new and untested by exciting ways to implement it.

I hope myself to study Architecture in the coming years at university, and if all works out, at Cambridge. I’ll make sure to let my few readers in this little quite corner of the internet know about how I’m doing, even if my posts aren’t as frequent as they were in the past, and I hope you guys do keep checking back. Good night to you all.


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