About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog, I see you want to know a bit about me then?

Well, I’m a 17 year old boy from the United Kingdom, (born in the year 2000) and I’m studying my AS Levels in Physics, Geography, Product Design and Maths. I hope to go on to study architecture in university, and then to become an architect as it’s an interest I’ve had since I was very young (since at least when I was 7). I try to make posts when I can, however my life can be a bit turbulent (as some of my posts reveal), I hope you enjoy my blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments too!

This blog won’t necessarily be a medical encyclopedia on Autism and Asperger’s nor will it always be politically correct, I may even offend some of you out there, and if that does occur I apologise, this blog will simply follow events in my life. Some points will be good, some will be bad, but ‘ey that’s life.